The Alabama Hills Stewardship Group does not have members, we are volunteer Stewards of the Alabama Hills.


Anyone interested in the future of the Alabama Hills is welcome to become a Steward. Just by wanting to take care of the Alabama Hills you are one. Now, as a Steward, you may attend any of our open meetings or join our email mailing list and express your ideas and help guide the future direction of the Alabama Hills.

The Alabama Hills Stewardship Group started as a community group of interested people working with BLM in the interest of the Alabama Hills. The Group was founded on the principal that there would be no limit on who participates,  everyone has a voice and every voice needs to be heard.

As a 501(c)3, the Alabama Hills Stewardship Group, Inc is required to have an elected Board of directors to be responsible for the financial and legal necessities of the organization.

Now register yourself as a Steward of the Alabama Hills by completing and submitting the form below.


The Vision Statement of the Alabama Hills Stewardship Group:

The silence, open vistas and natural beauty of the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine reflect a sense of peace, a respect for the land and accessibility for the responsible user. The goal the community of Lone Pine, BLM, and individual stakeholders is to work together as good stewards.

From the grand scale of geography to the smallest details of flowers, from the sudden power of the wind to the timeless processes of geology, the Alabama Hills draw people to wander, contemplate, experience solitude and enjoy an incredible range of discovery and activity.

While visitation and multiple use by outdoor enthusiasts, sports lovers, artists and visitors is increasing, the rocks, roads, hiking paths, creeks and flora remain scenic and unspoiled. Film industry use continues, but with a heightened sense of history for both the area and the films of Hollywood.

The fragility of the area, management for sustainable activity, and the mutual respect of the stakeholders add to the area’s unique and special needs. The play of light and quality of air lift the spirit and assure the participants that all challenges can be addressed and solutions found by listening and working together. These Alabama Hills continue to foster an important and complex relationship with all of us.

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Don't Forget to Donate to Our Efforts

While everyone can become a Steward, this organization of volunteers needs one thing more. We need funding to help with our educational outreach campaigns and projects. So not only do we want you as a Steward we want you as a Donor as well.

$25 Rock Hugger
$50 Rock Solid
$100 Steady as a Rock
$250 You Rock
$500 Rock of Ages
$1000 Rock Your World


Terms & Conditions

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