June 21, 2016 Inyo County Board of Supervisors Supports Stand-Alone Senate Bill

June 21, 2016

Today the Alabama Hills Stewardship Group (AHSG) updated the Inyo County Board of Supervisors on the recent progress of our National Scenic Area legislation for the Alabama Hills. The Board of Supervisors then, unanimously voted to send a letter (drafted by 5th district supervisor Matt Kingsley) to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee endorsing our proposal to move HR 496 thru the Committee as stand-alone legislation to be ultimately introduced on the floor of the Senate by Senator Dianne Feinstein and passed as a unanimous consent bill. See attached article about today’s meeting…
It is the wish of the AHSG and the over 30 key stakeholder and 40 user groups that we represent (having waited patiently for the last 6 years) that the time is now to complete the legislative process for this National Scenic Area designation. With the bill having passed the US House of Representatives, our broad and deep coalition of support has grown even stronger.
Our legislative journey began in August 2008, after a presentation by James Peterson and Shelly Abajain suggesting our group lead a collaborative and organic grassroots effort to mobilize support behind a federal designation to protect and conserve this incredibly scenic landscape. After an exhaustive 27 month process we arrived at a recommendation for a National Scenic Area designation, growing and strengthening our coalition of support over the years, while waiting for the legislative “stars to align”. We believe our time has come… With our process having come back full circle to Senator Feinstein, the original sponsor of our legislation.
We hope, with Senator Feinstein’s continued support, that the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources will grant a hearing for the bill and release it for final introduction and a vote on the Senate floor. Thank you for your help in guiding our grass roots process to its rightful conclusion.
Kevin Mazzu             Designation Committee Chairman, on behalf of the Alabama Hills Stewardship Group and all our stakeholders

(See Inyo Register Article /inyo-register-june-21-2016)